What Do Streaming TV Options Have to Offer?

When people want to finally “cut the cable cord,” they often make the decision to go with streaming television on their computer or television instead. However, there are now a lot of choices in the world of streaming tv. The best way to find the perfect option is to do a quick streaming TV comparison among all the major services. While they all have much in common, there can also be some big differences in terms of prices, television shows, movies, and options. Options like VIDGO started out as a video rental service. They have now morphed into a huge industry that allows for live streaming across many devices.

With this type of online TV app, it is possible to see tv shows, movies of all types, and online content like YouTube videos on any device desired, at any time desired. Online services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other services do have a wide range of programming, but they have always fallen short in the area of new tv shows and live streaming. Cable continued to beat out services like Netflix simply because the same shows were not always available on Netflix type services. Many people continued to pay exorbitant rates for their monthly cable service just to have access to a few shows.


VIDGO recognized that there was a gap between what services like Netflix were offering and what cable was offering and they sought to fill that gap. The company offers live linear programming. It includes a host of networks, some of which have never agreed to work with a live streaming service before. For example, CBS works with VIDGO, and this is the only service of this type that they work with. VIDGO is also working closely with sports networks, offering a wide range of live football, basketball, and baseball games among others.

The channels that are currently working with VIDGO include: Discovery Network, Disney, ABC, Fox, NBC, and CBS. Because all of these networks are now available in one place online, many people feel that they can finally cut that cable cord with confidence. This service is taking over the streaming industry, and is expected to continue its growth in 2016 and beyond.